Free Investment & Risk Analysis

One of the first steps in building a portfolio is defining what your tolerance is for risk and understanding what that actually means in relation to your portfolio.  There are many terms used in the Financial industry to describe risk levels (Conservative, Moderate, and Aggressive for example).

At BCM&R, we believe that defining and and putting dollar amounts to these levels of risk is an important part of ensuring that clients understand the risks of how they are invested and to make sure they are comfortable with how their assets will perform in different market cycles.

We continually assess and monitor our client's accounts to ensure that their assets are invested in-line with the amount of risk that they decide they are comfortable with.  If you would like to discuss your current risk tolerance and/or make a change, please give us a call and will be happy to help you!

For new or prospective clients, we always offer free analysis of your current investment portfolio, as well as an analysis of your risk tolerance.  There is no obligation and can all be done electronically if you would like.

To get started, you can contact us at:

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Or you can click the button below to use our Online tool to begin your free risk analysis!  After you complete this quick analysis, we will contact you to continue the process.